Online games are just a part of our everyday life. Whether we are playing a game on our phone while waiting for kids in the pickup line at the school, or we catch a few a things online while we are waiting to have our teeth cleaned or whatever the reason, the apps and online games have become a part of the social and interactive trend. Now, once you have played a specific game, like Tanki online, for example, and the fun and ‘newness’ has worn off, it can get to a point where you are like, “ok I want to win let’s take this up a notch”. And you are ready for some cheats or hacks… When that is the case you always want to go to the creator, or home of the game to ensure that your Tanki online hacks and cheats are just a crystal generator and not viruses. Because believe it or not, those people are out there. SO, we have put together this page for you to enjoy, hack and cheat and still have a lot of fun.

hack-600x300Tanki Online Crystal Hack No download

The cheats and hacks here have been developed as a series for the Tanki online to specifically offer you crystals and take the game to a whole new level of edgy. The cheats and the tanki online hacks are easy to use, useful and they will be a great stepping stone for “world domination” in the Tanki online world. The big thing here, is yes, there are downloadable hacks and cheats but we want to offer something a little different. Below you are going to find the no download version of tanki online crystal hack.

Using Tanki Online Crystal Hack In Battles

So when you are playing a game, what is the goal? To win every time OBVIOUSLY, so what can you do to win every time? What is something different from everyone else downloading cheats and tanki online crystal hacks? How about using legit tips and tricks to get through the game? Here you are going to take these tips and win.

These are the basic fundamentals of the game and see what we can do to ensure you dominate and crush the competition. So for your first tip we want you take into consideration the way you choose your battles. Kind of like that old saying “Choose your battles” just like with everyday life, there will be times you pick your battles and times when you want to just sit back and let things go. You do not have to be in the middle of everything.

As you choose your battles we want you to take the following tips into consideration:

  • Funding- You want to go through, scroll around and choose a good battle fund. And what this means is that you want to make sure that the leading player’s scores are not so far ahead of yours that you wouldn’t benefit from winning or being in the battle, because, yes, this can happen.
  • Timing- When you are just getting online and you are looking for the right battle did you know timing was everything? What is the point in getting into a battle that only has 30 seconds left? You could end up being wiped out and still have no time to earn any points.
  • Teams- You want to pick a team that has the highest ranked individuals, simply because they are going to have the best experience and points. Obviously. This is kind of like when you were in grade school and you were the team captain picking your teammates for kickball. You always wanted the athletes and the go-getters right? Same concept applies here.

Supervise and greet with Tanki Online Cheats

Yeah, this may sound a little, cheesy, but it is completely underestimated! When you follow the steps below you are going to know most of the players, know who offers what, and how to choose your team players, which mentioned above, is crucial to success in your battles.

  • Socialize- When you make sure that you say “hello” or greet everyone that comes into the battles you are going to learn important facts: 1) native language 2) ask “how’s it going” you will learn about whose using tanki online cheats, mad shafts, and etc. These are all important facts to know. They are secretly your spies, and they don’t even know it. Chat by pressing the T key on your keyboard.
  • Offer help- talk to those that help you with conversation, believe it or not, communication is key in battle based games. Offer help, let them know what you have (without giving EVERYTHING away) it’s about give and take. Someone may offer you combinations that you were not aware of.

Tanki Online cheats hack

Get Accessorize With Tanki Online Crystal Generator

Yeah, I know you’re not in your closet looking for that dinner date necklace, but what we do want to get across is that when you change your tank, weapon, paint and plan you will be getting extra protection from others. You want to choose a paint that protects against enemies when they have this weapon you want the counter paints as listed below:

  • Ricochets- Zeus
  • Freezes/rail guns- Inferno
  • Shafts- Jade
  • Thunders-Emerald

These are just a few strategy tips to help you have more fun, and yeah, let’s just get straight to the point, when you win your having fun, so overall, your killing two birds with one stone, and the best part is, you aren’t using any downloaded (possible unsafe) hacks or cheats! But if Tanki Online crystal generator hacks are your thing, remember to check out the rest of the site, and find what speaks to you!