The ultimate mutant fighting game is here. Gamers everywhere are flocking to the mutant camps of “Mutants: Genetic Gladiators” for Facebook, iPhone and Android applications. In an attempt to become the champion Psy Captain, players assemble their troops and try to obtain all of the different mutant combinations that are possible in an attempt to dominate the universe. The key to the game is to create or obtain all of the different mutants that you can. This can be done by crossbreeding mutants, winning them in competitions as prizes or by purchasing them in the shop.

Purchasing mutants is a quick and easy way to increase your chances of winning a battle. However, this practice costs a lot of money. Finding the available Mutants Genetic Gladiators hack and rounding up all the Mutant s Genetic Gladiators cheats are the main ways to circumvent this problem. The Mutant Genetic Gladiators gold hack is useful in obtaining the financing needed to upgrade your troops to the highest degree. There are many of these Mutants Genetic Gladiators hacks on the market today.

This tool is incredibly easy to use. Simply follow the link to the hack tool and follow the prompts. Once this is completed, you will have unlimited gold and credits in your account to use in order to buy the mutants that need to be bought. This is only a portion of the battle however, and you will need a plan to obtain the additional mutants that are not for sale.
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In a perfect world, there would be a Mutants Genetic Gladiators hack download for the mutants that have to be awarded to your team after winning certain battles. Unfortunately, at this time that hack is not out there anywhere. The best way to beat this part of the game is to understand the different ways that players can obtain the other mutants.

There are 6 different mutants genes that will need to be unlocked through regular gameplay. These are known as “Sabre, Necro, Cyber, Zoomorph, Galactic and Mythic. Once that is accomplished, there will be a little over 100 different mutants to discover, each incredibly unique in their own way. These mutants fall under one of several categories, listed here:


“Secret Recipe Mutants” are mutant characters available in the game as long as certain conditions are met. For this particular brand of mutant, it can only come to pass if the specific mutant parents get together and crossbreed.

“PvP or PvE Reward Mutants” can only be obtained as prizes after doing battle with opponents. They cannot be upgraded with gold, only with the proper crossbreeding. This applies to mutants such as Arachno, Azuria and Zerarack. There are no Mutant Genetic Gladiator hacks to push the players past this point.

“Legendary Mutants” are mutants that are only available to purchase in the shop for a limited period of time. They can be purchased, but they cannot be upgraded with money. Some of the Mutants who fall into this category are Galactic Guardian, Cursed Rider, Battle Toad, and Thor.

“Zodiac Mutants” are mutants that are assigned to the corresponding sign of the Zodiac. They can be purchased in the shop for a limited time, but only during their respective zodiac months. Oddly, these mutants are not able to breed and they cannot be upgraded in any way. Some of the mutants that fall into this category are Virgon, Libraro, and Prince Scorpion.

“Exclusive Mutants” can only be obtained after completing a required and very specific task. They also cannot breed nor can they be upgraded. Some of the mutants that fall into this category are Gargantus, Nebulus, and Oriax.

“Holiday Mutants” are only available for purchase during certain times and only on holidays. Mutants that fall into this category are Jack O Lantern, Louis X5I, Snowmage, and Mexichatl.

Understanding the origin of our mutants allows us to draw up a complete strategy for dominant gameplay. Some mutants can be acquired through battles as trophies. Some can be bred and born. Some can be recruited. Some can be trained to unlock new, more powerful attacks. The higher level mutants can be used to create an all new superior Elite class. Some can be purchased with the gold that was procured with the Mutant Genetic Gladiators gold hack. No matter where they came from or what their strengths and weaknesses are, knowing your Mutants will help you dominate the game.

Visit distant, exotic locations with your team as they fight their way through the galaxy. Compete against other players from across the globe, and climb the ladder for additional prizes. Team with allies and go after those bad monsters at every turn. With the power of unlimited gold and armed with the Mutant Genetic Gladiators hacks, victory is assured.