Knights and Dragons Hack for Android and iOS

There are many Knights and Dragons hacks and cheats to choose from, and players should be sure to check the certificates of any sites they choose to download from. One of the Knights and Dragons cheats involves the timing of your battles. If it is proving difficult to defeat an opponent, you have other options besides just losing your life and regenerating. If you need to leave a battle, do just that. Leave the fray, allow your opponent to heal, and when you go back to that fight again you and your allies will have healed as well. You cannot avoid fights in this game, as they are essential to increasing your values. However, this “restart” method is just one of the hacks that have become extremely popular recently.

Updated on: Monday, September 14, 2015

Knights and Dragons Hack Features



Generate Free Gems
Generate Free Gold
God mode
Unlock Treasures
Unlock Knights
Unlock Armor


What To Expect When Using Our Knights and Dragons Hack

Another Knights and Dragons hack that is fairly well known is the idea that you need to maximize your returns from the fighting you actually participate in, especially when it comes to fighting the bosses. During battles, bosses release many valuable items like stars and keys. On some levels, once you defeat a boss you can then summon that boss back using your gems later on. When you defeat a boss, you earn shards that are extremely helpful. If you can manage to defeat a boss with a special finishing attack, the boss gives up a special prize too. Another hack tip is to do your absolute best to achieve different levels when you go into each new battle. Completing battles successfully is the cornerstone of the game, and is the best way to gather the things you need to progress through the game. When you reach a new level during a battle, you and your team automatically go into the following battle at full power. This is a huge advantage as the game progresses. Always be on the lookout for those opportunities to move up.

As battle games go, this one is at the top of most lists. This fantasy based battle game has mythical creatures, special power-ups, hidden treasures and big bosses that must be beaten in order to advance. Its popularity is sweeping the globe, as international chat rooms have sprung up all over the internet. As with other games of this sort, the internet has been flooded with tips, tricks, hacks and cheats that can be downloaded with promises of increasing the user’s performance from level to level.

Other Types of Knights and Dragons Cheats

There is other Knights and Dragons cheats involves knowing your armor and how to increase its value. The enhancement of armor is a major process in the game today. Many beginners allow this task to go undone. The novice player will restrict their enhancements to purchases and power ups. The veteran of the gaming wars will go the extra mile to find a more unique solution. The act of combining armor has gigantic benefits in the long run in the Knights and Dragons game. The benefits may not appear to be visible immediately. The idea is to combine armor, use that new combined stronger armor as the base and then continue to enhance it after that. This investment of time will come back to you tenfold as the game progresses.

In order to achieve these milestones as you move up in levels and continue to progress through the game, you will need to learn your elements. Armor elements are the most confusing aspect of the game for younger players, or newer players. The elements that are associated with the various armor forms do not have a particular strength level necessarily. What they have is a specifically designated advantage over another related element. The positions of each element on the power chain are facts that the player must know and utilize to their advantage whenever possible.   The five elements that spawn the various armor units are Fire, Air, Spirit, Earth and Water. These elements interact with each other in the following manner…

Tips For Choosing What Element To Counter Attack Opponents

Fire is stronger than Spirit. Water is stronger than Fire. Earth is stronger than Water.   Air is stronger than Water. Finally, Spirit is stronger than Earth. The player that remembers these alignments, and utilizes them to their advantage whenever possible, will be well on their way towards domination of their opponents.

An underserved aspect of the Knights and Dragons hack cheats involves the building of various structures. When your subjects are not fighting and gaining treasures the user should take care to have them work in the training grounds. As the game progresses, the user will build more buildings. As more buildings go up, put more training grounds in. Having more training grounds actually raises the gold mining production of the central base. This means more money to use to build more, and on and on it goes. These hacks and cheats will help the game player excel and move into levels that were previously unattainable.