Dungeon Hunter 4 hack for Android and iOS

If you are one of many dungeon hunter players that enjoy the apps, games and programs on your phone, to maybe help you get through that long work day then chances are you have Dungeon Hunter on your phone or tablet. Whether you are a teenager enjoy your rights to play games and relax or you are an adult wanting to relive your youth through the game Dungeon Hunter 4 hack is one of the best hack games on the market today, offering the most complete application available. Be sure that before you download anything you know it’s safe.

Updated On Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack Features


Generate Free Gems

Generate Free Gold

Unlimited Charms

Unlimited Health



How to download Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack from our website

This download file is protected from spammer. To download this hack you have to complete a short offer. We do this to prevent overuse of our program. It’s more better if lesser people use it, so our hack won’t get patched. We only give to people that support us.
Click on the download button and a list of offers will show up. Select an offer and fill it out. Normally it’s an offer where you only have to enter some info (make it look real and the file will unlock).
Some countries only have Mobile or Cell Phone surveys. You can fill them out by just typing your mobile number and sending an SMS that costs less than a dollar. You will receive the SMS with a code and use that code to complete the offer.
After you have filled out the offer, your download will automatically unlock.

How to use this Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack tool?

  • Open the Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack
  • Select your devices and click detect
  • Type in the amount of Gems and Gold in the text box
  • Tick the Unlimited Charms, Unlimited Health CheckBox
  • Click the Start button

Our Dungeon Hunter 4 cheats is 100% safe and secure


One of the most appealing advantages of using our version of dungeon hunter 4 cheats is that it is available as an easy download and is 100% safe and secure. And you do not, we repeat, do not have to pay to have the application downloaded to your device. What you will get in the download is infinite gems and boundless gold. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features the Dungeon Hunter 4 cheats offers its players.


The Strategic Tips

Now, as far as playing the game, everyone knows that half the run is just “winging it” and seeing what you can accomplish, but after a while, when you are ready to work through some of the more unattainable features you might be ready to try some of the tips and tricks, which you will read about here. There are probably a few more tips and tricks out there that we haven’t mentioned here, and we always welcome feedback, or new tips or suggestions.

Don’t Stop Your Movement

It is very important to stay moving while playing with dungeon hunter 4 hack apk. Standing in one place is not going to be of any advantage to you, and of course you will lose the damage you take if you’re moving. A moving target is harder to hit than a stationary target. As much as you may want to move closer to your target, for an easier shot, this is not going to help you. It is actually safer and more strategic move away from your target, in an angle when possible, as you are shooting at your target. Last but not least, when you can, it is important to utilize the mini map, this will help you keep an eye on where your enemies are in regard to where you are on the map.

What Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack Can Do?

What this means is that you will work on building up your sentinel levels. If you are new to the game, than this is probably the best tip or walk-through for you to work with. This is more of a self-challenge than anything else. But the purpose is to help you build your points and defense up. This is something you can do more than once (probably not in a row) and it will help you increase your leveling quickness.

Sentinels are part of this self-building project, it will help build mobility, and ranged attack skills without using your funds or magic. Here are a few tips using dungeon hunter 4 mod that you can use to keep you safe and built up throughout the game:

  • Save you gold and diamonds until you have at least leveled up to a 6 or higher. It is NOT worth it to spend this on leveling up.
  • Save your potions, these should only be used for difficult bosses at the end of a level. When you use these there are repercussions. It is best to almost forget that you have these and just work through the game WITHOUT magic or potions.
  • Play the game without any tricks or cheats or spending any money through the first 5-6 levels. You do not want to start upgrading until you are past all of the enemies in the first 5 levels.

From the different Dungeon hunter 4 hacks tool that are found here within this article, and the different tips and tricks that are made available here, you should be able to enjoy your time playing the game. Whether you are playing on a tablet, your home or office computer, or even on your phone, these tips and hacks are just extra bonuses to an already awesome game.

One more thing that we like to add when talking about hacks, downloads and tips or tricks is that anytime you are looking to download anything to your electronic device, it is really important that you go through and read all the details about the program, who created and how it was created. That allows you to ensure that you are not going to end up with a virus on your hand, or an overload. Which the bottom line, is yes, these things happen. There are different programs out there that can help you detect viruses or unsafe programs. But most importantly, play safe and have fun!